Used packaging machines

You need to pack your products properly to ensure that they reach your customers in good condition. A good packaging machine must meet various conditions. It must be easy to use, reliable, have a high capacity and needs be suitable for the product that you want to pack. Many companies choose to buy a new packaging machine, but did you know that you can also buy used packaging machine, customized to suit your needs?

Used packaging machine

Because that is exactly what DL Packaging does. We buy used used packaging machines and strip them completely. Our technicians then rebuild the machine with new parts, in accordance with the exact specifications for your products and packages. This means that the machine is truly custom-made, which is often not the case when buying a new machine, or just a used machine from a trader. In addition, our machines are fitted with the latest Siemens operating system, which is often more user-friendly than most ‘black-box’ operating systems of new packaging machine manufacturers, and spare parts + service will be available for a long time.

Used packaging machine auxiliary equipment

Even a used and rebuilt-to-new machine may require auxiliary equipment. Examples of auxiliary equipment are fillers like auger fillers or multihead weighers to feed products into the packaging machine and to ensure that packages are filled with the exact amount of product. DL Packaging supplies this type of equipment too. Both used/rebuilt and new, always with guarantees.
In order to complete your packaging line we also supply peripheral equipment such as printers, labellers, outfeed belts (take-away conveyors), metal detectors, checkweighers, turntables etc.

Used packaging machines worldwide

At DL Packaging, we buy and sell used packaging machines all over the world and for all kinds of products. Our packaging machines are found in Africa, Asia and all over Europe, where they pack a wide range of products. We also offer worldwide after sales service for our used packaging machines. In many cases, we can solve any problem you might have with remote services, but we won't hesitate to visit your production and packaging site to assist you with any problem you encounter with your used packaging machine from DL Packaging.

More information about used packaging machines?

DL Packaging's rebuilt, modernized machines are located all over the world at customers in various industries. From sweets to cat litter and from coffee to cement: everything is packed by rebuilt-to-new vffs packaging machines from DL Packaging. So we offer worldwide service. More information? Please contact us and we will tell you all about it!