Rovema packaging machines

Rovema is one of the most leading companies selling packaging machines. Not surprisingly, since this company supplies high-grade packaging machines. DL Packaging is part of the Rovema group and has a lot of Rovema packaging machines in stock, which we have rebuilt-to-new.

Rebuilt-to-new Rovema packaging machines

The Rovema packaging machines that DL Packaging supplies are all used machines. However, used has a very positive meaning to us at DL Packaging. Every pre-owned Rovema packaging machine is fully stripped and then rebuilt. We only use the best, high-quality parts for rebuilding the machine. We then install a Siemens operating system in the Rovema packaging machine, which is user-friendly and very flexible. Furthremore, spare parts and updates for this operating system will be available worldwide, for a very long time to come.

Short delivery times for Rovema packaging machines

The delivery times for our Rovema packaging machines are usually shorter than when you would order a new machine. Another advantage of choosing DL Packaging is that the Rovema machine can be rebuilt in accordance with your unique wishes and specifications. You can use it straight after delivery, because it is built for your exact needs.

Complete packaging line with Rovema packaging machine

DL Packaging offers all the products you need to extend your Rovema packaging machine to a complete dosing/filling and packaging line. We can set you up with equipment like a product feeder and outfeed of packaged products. This gives you a single point of contact for the entire packaging line: DL Packaging. In addition, we can add a best-before-date printer and other auxiliary equipment to your machine.

Order your Rovema packaging machine now!

Would you like to know more about the way DL Packaging customizes your Rovema packaging machine? Then please contact us. Or ask for a quote for a rebuilt-to-new Rovema machine!