Yamato CMJ 12L-00 checkweigher 150g - 12.000g with reject, weight feedback; new 2017


Brands Yamato
Machine type checkweighers, auxiliary equipment
Applications spices (powder), flour, milling products, baking mixes, building materials (cement, mortars, mixes), cereals, muesli etc., nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, petfood (dry), rice, pulses (dry), other
price EUR 16.950,-
guarantee 3 Monate
extras (incl.) Auswurf, Ethernet, Data Acquisition Software
model Yamato CMJ 12L-00 + SJ 24060F
built 2017
dosing range (g) 150 g - 12.000g
size range (W*L) Bandbreite 400 mm, Verpackungslänge max. 540 mm
delivery time sofort

Want to know more?

From a recently canceled project we have this almost new Yamato checkweigher model CMJ 12L-00, weight range 150g - 12,000g ;
built 2017 it comes with reject, Ethernet connection, data acquisition software and weight tendency controls (feedback signals to filler).
Belt width 400 mm, maximum pack length 540 mm; product height up to 130 mm.

The price new was EUR 29,240.-