vertical form-fill-seal machines

We are specialised in Rovema bag filling equipment. However, we often have good machines from Redatron and Bosch available, and sometimes other brands. Click your preference in the column in the left.

DL Packaging ist specialist for Rovema vffs machines, but has a permanent stock of Bosch and Hassia Redatron machines as well. Apart from that we regularly have Sandiacre, UVA, Aquarius, and other machine brands available.

vertical form-fill-seal machines

13 machines found

  • Rovema VPX 250 Siemens S7 + Servo-Schneckendosierung

    price 59.950,-
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatsealable films
    remarks Siemens S7, Servo, TeleService
    model Rovema VPX 250/400 + Rovema SD servo
    built rebuilt 2017/2018
    capacity / output max. 90/min. (pillow bags)
    film transport belt-driven (vacuum)
    dosing range (g) 20-2500
    size range (W*L) 70-250 * 80-400
    optional printer, labeler, QuatroSeal, etc.
    delivery time on request
  • Rovema VPX 250 Stabilo (QuatroSeal), rebuilt-to-new 2017

    price 57.950,-
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system heat seal StabiloSeal
    extras (incl.) Siemens S7, Touch Panel, 100 programs, usw.
    model Rovema VPX 250 Stabilo (QuatroSeal)
    built 2017
    capacity / output 90/Min.
    film transport vacuum belt drive
    size range (W*L) 60-250 * 80-350 mm
    optional Thermo-Transferprinter, fillers, labeler, etc.
    delivery time 3-4 months
  • Rovema MVP-S 280 heatseal with Rovema SD servo auger filler, rebuilt-to-new 2017

    price on request / auf Anfrage
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal (laminates)
    extras (incl.) block bottom, film tracking, etc. etc.
    model Rovema MVP-S 280 Siemens + Rovema SD auger filler
    built rebuilt-to-new 2017
    capacity / output up to 65/minute
    film transport (vacuum) belt-driven
    dosing range (g) 5-10000g
    size range (W*L) (W) 60-280 * (L) 80-400
    optional printer, labeler, etc etc
    dosing range (cc) 5-12500cc
  • Rovema VPM 420 + SD Servo Pulverdosierung

    price on request
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system Heißsiegelung / Impuls
    model Rovema VPM 420 + Rovema SD Servo auger filler
    capacity / output up to 40/min.
    film transport belt-driven (vacuum optional)
    dosing range (g) 10-10000g
    size range (W*L) 100-420 W * 120-650 L
    optional block bottom, gas flush, printer, labeler, weight feedback etc
    dosing range (cc) 10-15000cc
  • Rovema SBS 250/120 Stabilo Twin

    price on request
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal, StabiloSeal
    model Rovema SBS 250/120 Stabilo twin
    built 2004
    capacity / output up to 2* 50 bags/minute
    film transport vacuum belt driven film transport
    size range (W*L) up to 500 mm film width
    delivery time on request
  • Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 110/60

    guarantee 3 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatsealable
    extras (incl.) block bottom/side fold, bag support, film tracking, etc. etc.
    remarks Siemens S7 (2015) German/English/.....
    model Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 110/60
    built 2003/2016
    film transport bandtransport
    size range (W*L) max. 600 x 1000 mm
    delivery time direct
  • Rovema VPI 260

    price 23.500,-
    guarantee 3 Monate
    film (foil) sealing system Heißsiegelung
    extras (incl.) Standbodeneinrichtung, 1 Formatsatz
    model Rovema VPI 260
    built 1997
    capacity / output bis 100 Beutel/Min.
    film transport Vakuum-Bandabzug
    size range (W*L) (B) 80-260 * (L) 100-400 mm
    optional Drucker, Etikettierer, Siemens S7 usw. usw.
    delivery time sofort
  • Rovema VP-S 220 runderneuert 2016

    price 33.950,-
    guarantee 6 maanden
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal
    model Rovema VP-S 220
    built 2017
    capacity / output max. 80/min.
    film transport bandaftrek (vacuüm optie)
    size range (W*L) 60-220 * 80-340mm
  • DLPACK 260 Servo stainless steel, NEW

    price from EUR 49.500,-
    guarantee 12 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal / impuls (PE)
    model DLPACK 260 Servo
    built 2018
    capacity / output tot 100/minuut
    film transport bandtransport
    dosing range (g) 5g - 5000g (dosering optioneel)
    size range (W*L) 60-260 * 80-500
    optional printer, labeler, weger/poederdosering, etc etc
    delivery time 10 weken
  • Bosch 125N

    film (foil) sealing system Heißsiegelung
    model Bosch 125N
    built 1983
    capacity / output bis 90/Min.
    film transport Backenabzug
    size range (W*L) 50-160 (B) * 80-250 (L)