Rovema VPX 250 rebuilt-to-new


Brands Rovema
Machine type vertical form-fill-seal machines (vffs)
Applications spices (powder), flour, milling products, baking mixes, coffee (beans), milk powder, cereals, muesli etc., nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, snackfood dry (potato chips etc.), petfood (dry), candies, sweets, bread, biscuits, pastry products, rice, pulses (dry), other, coffee (ground, powder)
price from EUR 41.950,-
guarantee 6 months
film (foil) sealing system heatseal
model Rovema VPX 250
built rebuilt-to-new
capacity / output up to 90/min.
film transport belt driven
size range (W*L) 60-250 * 80-340 mm
optional block bottom, printer, labeler, StabiloSeal (QuadSeal) etc
delivery time 3 months

Want to know more?

Rovema VPX 250 rebuilt-to-new, up to 90 bags/min with new Siemens S7, new paint, new drives, new sealing jaws etc. etc.
DL Packaging does around 15 of these models each year!

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