Rovema VP-S 220 + Rovema SD servo auger filler


Brands Rovema
Machine type vertical form-fill-seal machines (vffs), auger fillers
price vanaf € 59.950,-
guarantee 6 maanden volledige garantie
film (foil) sealing system heatseal
model Rovema VP-S 220 + SD servo poederdosering
built 2017
capacity / output max. 65/min.
film transport bandtransport (vacuüm optioneel)
dosing range (g) 5-1500g
size range (W*L) 60-220 breed * 80-400 lang
delivery time direct
dosing range (cc) 5-2500cc

Want to know more?

DL Packaging has built and supplied over 30 of these units during the last few years. It is one of the industry standards in powder filling. This particular machine is available for immediate sale, due to a delayed foreign project.