Rovema MVP-S 280 heatseal with Rovema SD servo auger filler, rebuilt-to-new 2017


Brands Rovema
Machine type vertical form-fill-seal machines (vffs), auger fillers
Applications spices (powder) , flour, milling products, baking mixes, milk powder, building materials (cement, mortars, mixes), other, coffee (ground, powder)
price on request / auf Anfrage
guarantee 6 months
film (foil) sealing system heatseal (laminates)
extras (incl.) block bottom, film tracking, etc. etc.
model Rovema MVP-S 280 Siemens + Rovema SD auger filler
built rebuilt-to-new 2017
capacity / output up to 65/minute
film transport (vacuum) belt-driven
dosing range (g) 5-10000g
size range (W*L) (W) 60-280 * (L) 80-400
optional printer, labeler, etc etc
dosing range (cc) 5-12500cc

Want to know more?

This combimation of Rovema MVP bagmaker + Rovema SD auger filler is one of our industry standards for e.g. 500-5000g powder bags.

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