Ishida CCW-M-216W-S/30-SS high-speed / mixing multihead weigher


Brands Ishida
Machine type weighers (multihead weighers, linear weighers)
Applications cereals, muesli etc., nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, snackfood dry (potato chips etc.), petfood (dry), candies, sweets, bread, biscuits, pastry products
price EUR 21,950.-
guarantee 3 months
extras (incl.) stainless steel body, mix/twin operation
model Ishida CCW-M-216W-S/30-SS
built 2001
capacity / output up to 160/min (single), 2* 80/min (twin)
dosing range (g) 10g - 1000g
delivery time direct
dosing range (cc) up to 3,000 cc
remarks 2 pcs available

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Ishida CCW-M-216W-S/30-SS high-speed / mixing multihead weigher,
16 weigh heads + 16 memory buckets, can mix 2 or 3 products,
weighing range 10g - 1000g

fully checked, comes with 3 months guarantee