DLPACK SD-E 100 Servo - our new auger filler for powders


Machine type auger fillers
Applications spices (powder), flour, milling products, baking mixes, coffee (beans), milk powder, building materials (cement, mortars, mixes), other, coffee (ground, powder)
price 28,650.-
guarantee 6 months
extras (incl.) stainless steel easy-clean funnel
remarks Siemens servo, Siemens controls
model DLPACK SD-E 100 Servo
built NEW
capacity / output max. 120/min. (mechanically)
dosing range (g) 10g - 20.000g
optional gas flush
optional automatic weight correction (feedback from checkweigher)

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Our NEW SD-E 100 Servo Auger filler for powders!
With hygienic stainless steel product funnel, easy-clean execution.

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