Testimonial Jacco van Gurp

woensdag 04/11/2015
Testimonial Jacco van Gurp

DL Packaging guarantees high-quality vertical form-fill sealing machines. And who can say it better than the customers who buy the machines? In this first issue, Jacco van Gurp (General Manger of VGR Food in Dirksland, Netherlands) tells their story. "DL Packaging delivers reliable
service and quality."

Six months ago, two vertical form-fill sealing machines with multi-head weighing equipment were put into operation at VGR. With a capacity of around 70 bags per minute per machine, and in weights ranging from 3-300 grams, these machines package salad enhancers such as croutons, nuts and seeds for customers in the industrial, food service and retail sectors. When asked why VGR Food uses machines from DL Packaging,
Jacco answered resolutely: "I know Leo from previous employers, so I went to talk to him and we figured things out together. I already knew that they build high-quality machines with extremely skilled people there in Oosterhout."

"At the commissioning of the machines, DL Packaging technicians were on the spot to explain the operation, to configure the programs and to start up the machines. I haven't had any troubles with the machines. But if they do arise, then I'm sure that they'll be here quickly", Jacco said, emphasising DL Packaging's excellent service.

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DL Packaging stands for

DL Packaging stands for

  • 30 years of experience in bag packaging
  • 1,000 satisfied customers
  • newworthy reconditioning
  • world's largest choice of vertical form-fill-seal machines
  • dosing equipment for all products: weighers, auger fillers and cup fillers
  • on-site installation and training
  • extensive warranties on our used / reconditioned machines

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