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maandag 02/11/2015
Shop floor news

DL Packaging is currently working on at least 17 projects. From a nut-packaging line for Egypt to a machine for deepfreeze dough bags for Poland. A few of the more compelling projects are highlighted briefly below.

nut-packaging line for Egypt For a

new factory in Egypt, a German multinational was looking for a top-quality machine at an acceptable price. After visiting DL Packaging, the Germans and the Egyptians were immediately convinced of the quality of the 14-head Ishida weighing machine with the good-as-new rebuilt Rovema bagmaker proposed for this project.

machine for IQF dough bags for Poland

Several years ago, this customer bought an Ishida multi head weigher from DL Packaging and was so satisfied with this that he recently ordered a new-value rebuilt Rovema from DL Packaging. In May, this machine will go to the customer, where it will package 450-gram bags of IQF dough products in polyethylene (PE) bags.

upgrade of electronics on a machine in a monastery in the middle of France

The monks at this monastery have a nearly 20-year old Rovena machine in operation, and its electronics were becoming unreliable. Many of the e-components are no longer available, so the monks chose to order an entire new Siemens controller for their machine, including auger filler, from DL Packaging.

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DL Packaging stands for

DL Packaging stands for

  • 30 years of experience in bag packaging
  • 1,000 satisfied customers
  • newworthy reconditioning
  • world's largest choice of vertical form-fill-seal machines
  • dosing equipment for all products: weighers, auger fillers and cup fillers
  • on-site installation and training
  • extensive warranties on our used / reconditioned machines

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