Market News

dinsdag 13/10/2015
Market News

If you’re looking for a new vertical formfill-seal machine in Western Europe, you can find at least 100 suppliers. A large number of German and Italian manufacturers, some English ones, a few Spanish and Polish ones... and even a few others. There are also some new-machine manufactures in the Netherlands.

Many first-time buyers focus mainly on price, since they haven’t yet experienced the importance of the supplier’s product experience and service. Choosing the right machine and associated dosage is crucial. And that’s just the beginning. After the machine has been delivered, you’ll notice how important it is that the supplier has all parts in stock and their own service technicians who can solve your problems quickly. 

At DL Packaging, we regularly meet new customers who bought their first machines elsewhere and who aren’t satisfied - because their machine doesn’t do what was promised and/or because they don’t get good service. In those cases, it sometimes takes extra effort to win them over due to the mistrust that has arisen. Fortunately, it’s to our advantage that we have been able to get many differing and difficult products into bags throughout Europe, and that we can demonstrate this.

So always choose a supplier that has experience with your product and with your foils, preferably a supplier that builds/rebuilds machines themselves, and that has its own service department. In the final analysis, this is always the most profitable solution!

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DL Packaging stands for

DL Packaging stands for

  • 30 years of experience in bag packaging
  • 1,000 satisfied customers
  • newworthy reconditioning
  • world's largest choice of vertical form-fill-seal machines
  • dosing equipment for all products: weighers, auger fillers and cup fillers
  • on-site installation and training
  • extensive warranties on our used / reconditioned machines

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