How do you package 14 kg of asphalt in bags without leaks?

dinsdag 22/09/2015
How do you package 14 kg of asphalt in bags without leaks?

In this first edition of DL News Package, we highlight a special packaging machine for you. The challenge was to package 14 kg of asphalt in leak-proof bags for an Austrian customer. This required some serious engineering and the result speaks for itself: a fully revised Rovema VPX 385 QS (QuadSeal), as high-value as new. This packaging machine is a success story in every way. A good reason to take a closer look at this powerhouse. 

The Austrians gave DL Packaging the assignment of delivering a bagmaker that could package semi-solid asphalt in well-sealed bags with QuadSeal (sealed corners). The asphalt is used to perform emergency repairs on road surfaces. So it’s a type of ‘instant asphalt’ that’s used all over the world. An effective sealing system was also a precondition since the bags of asphalt are also transported by air, where differences in air pressure play a large role. Under no circumstances could the asphalt be permitted to leak out of the bags. For this reason, a Rovema VPX 385 machine from DL Packaging’s large inventory was reconfigured and completely adapted to meet the customer’s requirements, with a sealing system guaranteeing 100% certainty of no leaks, and extra-sturdy support for the bags. The Rovema VPX 385 QS has a production capacity of 3.5 tonnes per hour and makes the bags from the roll itself. The machine places a label of at least 150 mm x 240 mm on the bag automatically. The machine is built to do its work faultlessly for the next 10-20 years


USPs for the Rovema VPX 385 QS from DL Packaging:

  • 100% leak-proof sealing system;
  • bags are made and filled on the machine (very labour-friendly compared with manually filling pre-formed bags);
  • bag capacity of 14 kg;
  • no manual work required - everything runs automatically;
  • filling capacity of 3.5 tonnes per hour;
  • extremely operator-friendly due to the Siemens S7-300 machine controls and touch-panel operation;
  • bags from a roll are many times
  • cheaper than pre-formed bags

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