Spare parts, extra's & service

DL Packaging supplies all wear and tear machine parts for Rovema, Hassia-Redatron and other major vertical form-filll-seal machine brands. We have a large stock of these parts available for immediate delivery!

We have in stock for many machine models:

  • heating elements
  • temperature sensors
  • film
  • cutting knives
  • transport belts
  • teflon tape
  • electronic parts etc. etc.

We also supply all kinds of new extras for existing form-fill-seal machines, like:

  • forming sets in all possible executions
  • block bottom attachments
  • printers and labelers
  • resistance sealing systems and -jaws for laminates, polypropylene etc.
  • impulse sealing systems and -jaws for polyethlene (PE) films 
  • fully new machine controls with latest Siemens PLCs 

This extra equipment is produced according to the latest technical standards. Hundreds of Rovema, Hassia-Redatron and other machines are running more economically with Siemens elecronics, extension kits and spare parts supplied by us! 

Finally, we offer and guarantee short delivery times, like:

  • fully new bag forming set - 5 weeks
  • block bottom attachment - 3 weeks
  • impulse sealing jaws ((PE) - 4 weeks
  • resistance sealing jaws - 3 weeks
  • complete Siemens machine controls - 6-10 weeks

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