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Service and Parts

DL Packaging supplies all common wear parts for Rovema and DL Pack packaging machines. In addition to original new parts, DL Packaging also supplies used or overhauled parts. These are often quickly available at significantly lower prices. Many common parts are readily available in our stock!

Our well-equipped warehouse holds over 20,000 machine parts!

Our warehouse

Our well-equipped warehouse holds over 20,000 machine parts!

Every machine requires maintenance, and sometimes even repairs. DL Packaging's newly revised packaging machines are no exception. Which parts do we supply the most for the approximately 750 packaging machines we have delivered worldwide? Below are the most ordered spare parts that we have in stock:

  • Heating elements
  • Temperature sensors
  • Film cutting knives
  • Film transport belts
  • Teflon tape
  • Photocells
  • PLCs
  • And more

Because DL Packaging maintains close contacts with all suppliers of peripherals and parts, we can quickly deliver your spare part at a good price. Contact us! You can request the price and delivery time for a part without obligation. Send your request to or contact us by phone at +31 (0)162 484 918.

Don't have the expertise to install the new part yourself? Our service department is happy to do it for you.

Our service department is always ready to assist you, even outside office hours.

Our service department is always ready to assist you, even outside office hours.

At DL Packaging, we only deliver a packaging machine when it operates flawlessly. We thoroughly test each machine before it is transported to the customer. We install the machine on-site and provide thorough and careful training to the employees who will operate it. However, as with any machine, issues or defects may arise with a DL Packaging packaging machine.

When you contact us about a problem with a machine, our service department will assist you. This assistance can be provided over the phone or via video conferencing. In many cases, we can troubleshoot and resolve the issue together. Our technical team can often remotely log in to the Siemens control system of the packaging machine to perform updates or address problems without the need for an on-site service technician.

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or remotely, one of our service technicians will visit the customer to assess the situation and resolve the issue. We provide this service worldwide, whether the machine is located in Breda or in Malaysia!

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Feel free to contact one of our staff members anytime without obligation.