Zufuhr-Vibrationsrinne DLG2

Zufuhr-Vibrationsrinne DLG2

Feed conveyor trough DLG2 (here rotatable on base)

Machine summary


  • product infeed equipment

  • sweets, candies, confectionery, cereals, grains, seeds, granola, mueslis, nuts, dried fruits, savory snacks, rice, dry pulses, pet food (dry), other products

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Machine picture

Machine specs

  • Brand


  • Machine type

    product infeed equipment

  • Applications

    sweets, candies, confectionery, cereals, grains, seeds, granola, mueslis, nuts, dried fruits, savory snacks, rice, dry pulses, pet food (dry), other products

  • Price

    Op aanvraag

  • Model

    Voer de DLPACK DLG2 trilgoot

  • YoM


  • Remarks

    1600 * 280 mm

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