Selecting the right dosing/filling equipment

It is clear that products have to be packaged. It is also clear that packages have to be formed by a vertical form-fill-seal machine supplied by DL Packaging. But how do products end up in the packaging machine? This requires dosing/filling equipment. The type of equipment depends on the product. 

Auger fillers

An auger filler is highly suitable for packaging powder. This filler literally looks like a screw which gradually guides the product into the machine and ensures that packages are filled with the right amount of powder. Does your business package products such as ground coffee, flour, herbs, milk powder or cocoa powder? Then choose an auger filler. We are happy to help you choose the right version. 

Multihead weigher

A multihead weigher ensures that packages are filled with exactly the right amount of product. It is basically a carousel with different weigh hoppers. You can use a multihead weigher to dose one type of product, but it is also possible to combine two or more products and different weights, for instance a mix of sweets or nuts. The weigher combines the weights in the different hopper segments at high speed to form one dose. Products such as nuts, sweets, crisps or tomatoes are especially suitable for dosing by using a multihead weigher.

Cup fillers

Cup fillers (volumetric fillers) are used for easily flowing products. Examples are granulated sugar, rice or pulses. We always have several cup fillers in stock at our warehouse. 

Your complete packaging machine

At DL Packaging we fully customize packaging machines for you. Not only can we add dosing/filling equipment for product feeding, but we can also add outfeed equipment and auxiliary equipment such as a thermal-transfer printer, labeller, metal detector or checkweigher. Do you want to know more? Please contact us for more information!