Packaging machines on (nearly) every continent

Packaging machines by DL Packaging are not only located in the Netherlands and in the Benelux countries. You can find our rebuilt-to-new packaging machines all over the world. Businesses around the world can appreciate an affordable packaging machine which is 100% customized, with top quality service! 

So far, our machines have been sold to 57 countries around the world. There is a DL Packaging machine on nearly every continent. Europe is our most important market though, with a peak in Germany. Almost half of the machines we sell, are located in Germany. There are several reasons why: most machines that we rebuild, are originally from the German brand Rovema and our employees who are in contact with our customers, all speak German. 


Naturally, many of our rebuilt machines can be found in the Netherlands and we have also sold a large number of packaging machines from our factory to Belgium. In addition, a considerable number of machines were sold to Sweden, Denmark and Austria. 

From Australia to Africa

However, our machines can also be found in more exotic places. We have sold a packaging machine to Ecuador for instance, which is used for packaging deep-frozen vegetables. On the other side of the world, in Australia, one of our customers has bought several machines for packaging flour and grains. In China a packaging machine from our workshop is used for packaging powder for the production of truck brake pads. And in South Africa and Rwanda sweets and crisps are packaged by our machines.

Worldwide service

We do not only deliver packaging machines to these countries, but we also make sure that they are properly commissioned. In addition, we train employees who operate the machines and provide top quality service in all corners of the world where our machines are located. 

Your packaging machine

Are you looking for a customized packaging machine for your business in Amsterdam? It doesn't matter to us whether a machine must be delivered in the Netherlands or to Germany, Norway, South Africa or Colombia: we make sure that the packaging machine is built in accordance with your specifications and we will get it up & running on-site. Anywhere in the world.