The four most frequently ordered (spare) parts

Every machine needs maintenance and sometimes repair. DL Packaging's newly reconditioned packaging machines are no exception. Which parts do we supply most for the approximately 700 packaging machines that we have already supplied worldwide? Below the top four!

  1. Film transporting belts. A machine that runs every day will inevitably show wear and tear on certain parts. The film transporting belts - which move the packaging film through the machine - are a good example of this. These belts need to be replaced after a while, and we always have those in stock for many machine types.
  2. Heating elements. The bags made by our vertical form-fill-seal machines are heat-sealed. Each packaging machine is equipped with sealing jaws for this. The heating elements that bring these sealing jaws up to temperature can wear and tear and must be replaced after some time.
  3. Film cut-off knives. Has the packaging been formed, filled and sealed? Then it still has to be cut, so that a separate bag is created. The knife doing this loses its sharpness after a while, especially with thicker foils and / or aluminum coating. Then it must be replaced.
  4. Forming sets. Strictly speaking, this is not a spare part, but an extension of the machine. Because a forming set is what you need if you want to pack a different bag width or shape on an existing machine. We can supply you with a new forming set for this, so that you can make exactly the new bag form/size you want on your trusted machine. DL Packaging supplies more than 100 of those forming sets annually.

Fast delivery

Because DL Packaging maintains close contacts with all manufacturers of peripherals and parts, we can deliver your spare part quickly and at a good price. Do you not have the knowledge to assemble the new part yourself? Our service department is happy to do this for you.

Would you like to know more?

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