Packaging and sustainability

Sustainability has been a hot topic for many years, and the packaging industry is certainly not standing still. In recent years, numerous innovations have emerged in the market regarding packaging films. What are your options when it comes to sustainable packaging? And what do we actually do at DL Packaging to make our own operations more sustainable?

Biofilm and paper film

One way to make packaging more sustainable is by using different types of films. For example, biofilm, made from biodegradable materials. But also paper films are on the rise, where paper is coated in such a way that it is sealable. If the coating is 'natural', the packaging material can be disposed of with regular paper waste by the consumer.

Adjustments to packaging machines

These materials often require adjustments to the packaging machine. Fortunately, at DL Packaging, we have the expertise and technical capabilities to make these adjustments easily. If you send us a few meters of the packaging material, we can quickly determine what adjustments are needed to process the material smoothly.

Sustainable business practices

DL Packaging itself also values sustainability as a key core value. In fact, recycling and reuse are the basis of our entire business because we completely rebuild and refurbish existing machines, give as many parts as possible a second life, and contribute to the reuse of valuable resources. But even within our operations, we are increasingly emphasizing sustainability. For instance, our entire company has been equipped with LED lighting this year, we are installing solar panels, and multiple charging stations for electric cars are being set up in our parking lot.

Interested in more sustainable packaging?

Do you want to know how you can make your products more sustainable with your existing packaging machine, or are you looking to purchase a packaging machine for your business? Choose the sustainable solutions of DL Packaging!