Refurbished packaging machine: as good as new


"That's impressive, all these new machines, but where are the used ones?" This is a question we often hear from interested new customers visiting our workshop. It's one of the best compliments we can receive because most of the machines we supply have been previously used. It just goes to show that a refurbished packaging machine from DL Packaging is certainly on par with a new one.

When you choose a refurbished machine from DL Packaging, it is just as tailor-made as if you were ordering a new machine directly from the manufacturer. The machine is completely built for you, starting only after we have thoroughly discussed the full equipment, design, and specifications with you. This means the machine is configured entirely to your wishes and requirements. Only once everything is clear, do we begin refurbishing a machine from our inventory specifically for you.

New Components with Warranty Essentially

What we do at DL Packaging is build a new machine within an existing frame. When we refurbish a packaging machine, we only use new components. This means you receive the same warranty on these components as you would on a brand-new machine.

Reliable Control System

Our packaging machines are equipped with the latest Siemens control system. This system is more flexible, reliable, and better supported than the 'embedded' control systems built by manufacturers themselves. Spare parts are available worldwide for a long time, and the system is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Dosing and Peripherals

A packaging machine alone may not be sufficient. You may also need dosing equipment, such as a screw doser or a multihead weigher. Would you like to equip your packaging machine with a metal detector, a date coder, or a conveyor belt? DL Packaging can handle that for you as well. This means you're sorted with just one party, making it all the more straightforward.

Installation and Service

Once the packaging machine is ready and the test runs in our own factory have been successful, it's time for installation in your facility. It's good to know: we install your machine wherever you want it, anywhere in the world. And we don't leave until the packaging machine is fully operational, and your staff knows how to operate it after our training. We keep all parts for your machine in stock, and our extensive service ensures that breakdowns or maintenance don't have to last long.

Discover our packaging machines!

Are you looking to purchase a packaging machine for your business? Contact us, and we'll tell you all about the possibilities. Even better: make an appointment to visit our workshop and see firsthand how we build packaging machines entirely tailored to your needs. Then you'll see for yourself that 'refurbished to new-like condition' actually means just as good as new.