Rebuilt packaging machine: as good as new

“All these new machines are very impressive, but where are the used machines?” That's what we often hear from potential customers who visit our workshop. It's the biggest compliment we can get, because the majority of the machines that we supply, has been used before. It goes to show that rebuilt packaging machines supplied by DL Packaging certainly measure up to new machines. 

When you choose a rebuilt machine by DL Packaging, it will be just as tailor-made as when you order a brand-new machine directly from the manufacturer. We completely rebuilt and adapt the machine for you.  Our technicians will start building the machine after we have discussed the equipment, version and specifications with you. The machine will be configured fully in accordance with your wishes and requirements. After the final decisions have been made, we take a machine from stock and start rebuilding it especially for you. 

New components with warranty

What we at DL Packaging in fact do, is to build a new machine inside an existing frame. Because we only use new components when we are rebuilding a packaging machine. This means that warranty is the same as for a brand-new machine. 

Reliable operating system

Our packaging machines are fitted with the latest Siemens operating system. It is more flexible, reliable and easier to support than the embedded operating systems which manufacturers install in their machines. Spare parts will be available worldwide for a prolonged period of time and in addition, the system is very intuitive and user-friendly. 

Dosing/filling equipment and auxiliary equipment

Customers often need more than just a packaging machine. They also require dosing/filling equipment, for instance an auger filler or multihead weigher. Would you like to add a metal detector, best-before-date printer or an outfeed conveyor to your packaging machine? DL Packaging can help you out. We are a full-service supplier, which is highly convenient. 

Installation and service

Once the packaging machine has been completed and the test runs in our factory have been satisfactory, the time has come to install the machine on-site. Good to know: we will install the machine wherever you want to place it. Anywhere in the world. And we will not leave until the packaging machine is fully operational and your employees know exactly how to operate it after our training. We have all the parts for your machine in stock and our extensive technical support will ensure that downtime due to malfunctions or maintenance is minimized. 

Discover our packaging machines!

Would you like to buy a packaging machine for your business? Please contact us and we can tell you all about the possibilities. Or better still: come visit us at our workshop to see how we fully customize our packaging machines. So you can see for yourself that 'rebuilt-to-new' really means: as good as new.