First aid in case of malfunctions

At DL Packaging we only deliver a packaging machine when it works perfectly. We extensively test each machine before shipping it to the customer, put it into use on site and thoroughly and carefully train the employees who will be working with it. But as with any machine, a problem can arise with a packaging machine from DL Packaging or something breaks down. What steps does DL Packaging take when we get such a call from a customer?

Step 1. Solve by telephone

As soon as a customer approaches us because of a problem with a machine, the service department will take over. By telephone or via video connection. In many cases it is therefore possible to solve a problem or malfunction together with the customer.

Step 2. Remote solution (TeleService)

Our technical department can often log in remotely into the Siemens operating system of the packaging machine. In some cases, it is possible to carry out an update or solve a problem without our service technician actually coming on site.

Step 3. On-site solution

If the problem cannot be solved by telephone or remotely, one of our service technicians will visit the customer to see what is going on and to solve the problem. We do this all over the world. Whether the machine is in London or in Buenos Aires!

Packaging machine with top service

At DL Packaging we know how important it is that you can rely on your packaging machine. That is why we offer you a guarantee and a high level of service. Would you like to know more about the way in which we revise used packaging machines for new value and about our service? Feel free to contact us for an appointment or request a quote right away.