The four advantages of Siemens operating systems

When DL Packaging rebuilds an existing packaging machine, it will be fitted with the latest Siemens operating system. This offers many advantages. We have listed them for you below. 

Advantage 1: Highly reliable

Siemens is a company with a rock-solid reputation and decades-long track record for a good reason. Siemens products - including the operating system in your packaging machine - are very reliable and safe to operate. 

Advantage 2: Easy operation

A machine should be easy to operate and adjust. Everybody can work with the Siemens operating system, because it is very intuitive. Which is very convenient!

Advantage 3: Spare parts available worldwide

Siemens operates worldwide and has service centres and warehouses all across the globe. Is something wrong with your operating system and you need a spare part? They will be available worldwide for a prolonged period of time. Which remains to be seen for many operating systems by other manufacturers. 

Advantage 4: Remotely adjusting software

When a program in your packaging machine needs to be adapted, for example because new auxiliary equipment or features are added to the machine, we can modify your machine software by using our TeleService - anywhere in the world! - from Oosterhout, the Netherlands. And you won't need an expensive visit from a technician!

More information?

In addition to the latest Siemens operating system, packaging machines supplied by DL Packaging offer many other advantages. Affordable prices, perfect service and the fact that a machine is fully customized for your business, products and packages, to name a few. More information? Please contact us or make an appointment!