Auger fillers

auger fillers

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  • Rovema VPX 250 Siemens S7 + Servo-Schneckendosierung

    price 59.950,-
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatsealable films
    remarks Siemens S7, Servo, TeleService
    model Rovema VPX 250/400 + Rovema SD servo
    built rebuilt 2017/2018
    capacity / output max. 90/min. (pillow bags)
    film transport belt-driven (vacuum)
    dosing range (g) 20-2500
    size range (W*L) 70-250 * 80-400
    optional printer, labeler, QuatroSeal, etc.
    delivery time on request
  • Rovema MVP-S 280 heatseal with Rovema SD servo auger filler, rebuilt-to-new 2017

    price on request / auf Anfrage
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal (laminates)
    extras (incl.) block bottom, film tracking, etc. etc.
    model Rovema MVP-S 280 Siemens + Rovema SD auger filler
    built rebuilt-to-new 2017
    capacity / output up to 65/minute
    film transport (vacuum) belt-driven
    dosing range (g) 5-10000g
    size range (W*L) (W) 60-280 * (L) 80-400
    optional printer, labeler, etc etc
    dosing range (cc) 5-12500cc
  • Rovema VPM 420 + SD Servo Pulverdosierung

    price on request
    guarantee 6 months
    film (foil) sealing system Heißsiegelung / Impuls
    model Rovema VPM 420 + Rovema SD Servo auger filler
    capacity / output up to 40/min.
    film transport belt-driven (vacuum optional)
    dosing range (g) 10-10000g
    size range (W*L) 100-420 W * 120-650 L
    optional block bottom, gas flush, printer, labeler, weight feedback etc
    dosing range (cc) 10-15000cc
  • DLPACK Neuheit: SD-E 100 Servo Schneckendosierung

    price 25,950.-
    guarantee 6 months
    extras (incl.) stainless steel easy-clean funnel
    remarks Siemens servo, Siemens controls
    model DLPACK SD-E 100 Servo
    built NEW
    capacity / output max. 120/min. (mechanically)
    dosing range (g) 10g - 20.000g
    optional gas flush
    optional automatic weight correction (feedback from checkweigher)
  • Rovema SBS 250/120 Stabilo Twin

    price on request
    film (foil) sealing system heatseal, StabiloSeal
    model Rovema SBS 250/120 Stabilo twin
    built 2004
    capacity / output up to 2* 50 bags/minute
    film transport vacuum belt driven film transport
    size range (W*L) up to 500 mm film width
    delivery time on request
  • GWA - Webb HP.5

    price 13.250,-
    guarantee 3 mnd.
    extras (incl.) Siemens S7-300 Steuerung mit Touch Panel Bedienung, 50 Programmen
    model Webb HP.5 (HP5)
    capacity / output 50/Min.
    delivery time 7 Wochen
  • Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 110/60

    guarantee 3 months
    film (foil) sealing system heatsealable
    extras (incl.) block bottom/side fold, bag support, film tracking, etc. etc.
    remarks Siemens S7 (2015) German/English/.....
    model Hassia-Redatron Flexibag 110/60
    built 2003/2016
    film transport bandtransport
    size range (W*L) max. 600 x 1000 mm
    delivery time direct
  • Rovema VPI 260

    price 23.500,-
    guarantee 3 Monate
    film (foil) sealing system Heißsiegelung
    extras (incl.) Standbodeneinrichtung, 1 Formatsatz
    model Rovema VPI 260
    built 1997
    capacity / output bis 100 Beutel/Min.
    film transport Vakuum-Bandabzug
    size range (W*L) (B) 80-260 * (L) 100-400 mm
    optional Drucker, Etikettierer, Siemens S7 usw. usw.
    delivery time sofort