DL Packaging history

In October 1995 D&L Packaging was established to sell and install new multihead weighers, linear weighers and vertical form-fill-seal machines. We soon installed equipment in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Greece and Norway.

In Rijen we moved into our premises in the Industriestraat where we created a large showroom and workshop. That workshop came in handy, for we started to work on machines we traded in. A reconditioned machine appeared to be very useful for smaller companies and due to our good service we acquired new clients all the time. We employed more mechanics and besides being known through the dealership for new machines, D&L Packaging established a reputation in the field of good reconditioned and used machines.

Of course we started to take part in the well-known trade fairs: since 1997 D&L has taken part with impressive stands at all Macropak editions in Utrecht. Also the Empack has been on our calendar for years. At the Interpack in Düsseldorf we are present all days, and most other packaging exhibitions in Europe are visited by us at least one day.

Year by year the number of clients and machines grows and as a consequence the number of maintenance mechanics as well. In this period almost every year a new mechanic joins our staff. This is the right time to train the new staff member and to get the people to know each other.

At the end of 2000 our company is the first in the industry applying a new Siemens S7-300 control system for vertical form-fill-seal machines, in this case for a Rovema VPM 320 for bags with fertilizer. That was the beginning of a giant step forward: the reconditioning and upgrading of the better Rovema, Bosch and Redatron machines. Now most machines leave our workshop with a new Siemens control system, including new servo drives in an increasing number of cases.

For some years now we have delivered to a number of large, leading multinationals, especially in the food industry, such as Akzo, CSM, DSM, ICI, Kali+Salz, Kraft Foods, Quaker Oats, Tchibo, Textar and Wessanen. At the same time we provide many smaller and/or starting packers with a machine at a reasonable price.

Focusing all the time on vertical form-fill-seal machines for bags, and not wanting to build and deliver all kinds of things next to it, may have cost us possible large projects with their turnover each year, but it did give us a few much more important things: a smaller chance of problematic projects due to the fact that everybody does what he or she is good at the knowledge that we can pay attention purely to our specialism a perfect relation with our suppliers, whom we involve instead of competing with them.

The next years DL Packaging wants to develop its position as a leading specialist-supplier of reconditioned (rebuilt, modernized) and good, used vertical form-fill-seal machines in Europe. This will be done, among other things, by finding local partners to work with in more areas. The ideal dealer network should consist of local experienced machine sellers who can also supply service. We also aim for a closer co-operation with other specialised machine manufacturers.

Our company has to remain strong in offering a quick service and simple solutions for starting packagers up to and including sophisticated total projects for high demanding multi-national food companies.

Our permanent stock of over 100 form-fill-seal machines (mainly Rovema, Bosch and Hassia-Redatron) and tens of Yamato, Ishida multihead-weighers and many Rovema, Optima powder/auger fillers guarantee that you can choose from perfect, first class machines with guarantees.