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DL Packaging B.V.    
Distributieweg 20    
4906 AD Oosterhout      
Postbus 241     
4900 AE Oosterhout    
Tel: +31 162 484 910    
Fax: +31 162 484 920    
Sales   Leo van der Vorm, Anna van Strien
Service      Edwin Aarden, Pieter Visser,
Michael Kuhs, Erik Timmermans
Secretary office   Anna van Strien, Joyce Post
Spare parts   Hans Schenk, Hans Kroos


DL Packaging is easily reachable by

  • air (1 hour from Amsterdam, 1 hour fom Brussels, 2 hours from Düsseldorf airport)
  • train (10 mins from Breda railway station)
  • car (see map)


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